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Celebs and Cars: Maria Sharapova and her unique Porsche Panamera GTS!
If a Porsche supercar does not seem sufficiently exclusive, Germans have Porsche Executive program that means that the car can be customized at will. It is how tennis player Maria Sharapova did. How can you have a unique Porsche Panamera GTS? If your name is Maria Sharapova this ideal can be achieved. Tennis players respect themselves and it seems that car manufacturers do the same. At least this follows from the fact that Maria Sharapova drives a Porsche Panamera...

 How to drive from the back seat! Tuning or invention? VIDEO!
How to drive from the back seat! Tuning or invention? VIDEO!
 Tuesday, September 17, 2013 - 14:42:28
If you don't understand article's title or the first image, wait... we have the explanation, more images and video. And we have to recognize... without pictures and explanation we din't understand either... You know that joke about a very tall man who, when is behind the wheel, gives the impression that it can drive from the rear seats? Well, this is not a joke anymore, but a real case in Dubai. Thanks to a group of Arabs called King of Custom, driving from the...

Ferrari F430 and a beautiful model! SEE HERE THE ENTIRE GALLERY!
Beautiful brunette Jenna, a model from Colorado who loves Italian food (we wonder why) and...of course... shopping, has been chosen by Secret Entourage agency for sexy pictorial as possible, with the Italian "male model" Ferrari F430 Spyder. See the Gallery below!

 Casual Beyonce near classic and unique Rolls! Rolls wins!
About Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z we know and is not a secret that to little are lacking in their life, but money in the bank not necessarily equal good taste. Ms. Carter shared on Tumblr some pictures in order to demonstrate that Mr. and Mrs. have a good taste in cars. Of course, Beyonce buy for her husband a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport for his birthday and Jay-Z, we know that he has love for the better car. This time, however, they went for a walk in a beautiful...

New BMW 6-Series and retro girls! SEE THE ENTIRE GALLERY!
BMW 6-Series is a new car. Not only because is only at its 2nd generation but also because is here for a short time. Ok, also the design is new, fresh and inspire you modernism. So, what better way to create an contrast than to use 2 beautiful girl models with a retro look. The retro look is crated by clothes style but also by hairstyles and... the attitude. Too many retro things but... we like it! SEE THE GALLERY! photo: Uwe Düttmann

Lambo Aventador seized by London Police! It can go to a crusher because was not insured!
It could be that someone at Scotland Yard is hard to bluff. Strong Arm of the Law, however, informed the owner,Al Thani, that they seized his Aventador LP700-4 and... possible... they want to send it to a crusher. Last week, the Lamborghini Aventador of Nasser Al Thani (Arabic 24 years young) was put on the trailer in London's Knightsbridge. Because the car was not insured, because why would you bother for some few chrome exhaust noise - which with a little willpower...

 Unique Ford Mustang unveiled! Name? USAF Thunderbirds!
Unique Ford Mustang unveiled! Name? USAF Thunderbirds!
 Thursday, July 04, 2013 - 15:34:34
Each year, Ford created a unique Mustang that celebrates U.S. aviation activity, later auctioned for charity. And this year's model looks like that. This year is one anniversary that celebrates 60 years of proven excellence in the Division Thunderbirds USAF U.S. Air Force. The car mopdel is painted in the colors of F-16 Tomcat fighter, but the changes do not stop there. The car received a widened body kit and 22-inch Forgiato wheels, while the interior has been...

 Harley Davidson anniversary: Bikes and beautiful models in the menu!
Supermodel Marissa Miller was (no argument here) the sexiest image of the famous brands of motorcycles Harley Davidson. However, there comes a time when you have to leave behind the past and to accommodate to our days. So say goodbye to Marissa and today welcomed the gorgeous Sarai, Chelsea, another Marissa and Eileen, four young girls who have been chosen to present motorcycle made by Harley Davidson on the occasion of 110 years of existence. Via: Playboy
The girl chooses the ride or the ride chooses the girl?
This is question that has the answer only after you see the entire Gallery. You think is easy? Lets see... All the girls (on the here presented "Girls and cars" collection) are beautiful for sure. But the outfit and the attitude are different and we believe that is due to the car near the girl. So... The Outfit. Near luxury cars the girls are elegant and near fast cars you are "lucky" if you find other outfit than bikini and some (small) clothes. The Attitude....

Tuning: When a hypercar is not enough, wrap it in gold!
Bugatti Veyron is one of the most exclusive car and the best car in the world, unmatched since the launch till our days. Many car companies with racing pedigree wanted to build something more powerful or faster... there is no series car to beat the figures of Bugatti Veyron. So, you will think why somebody wants to make it even more "flashy"? Well, the answer is: why not? We saw many other supercar examples (see our Related) so why not an Bugatti? Metrowrapsz...