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Top 10 stolen items from our cars!

Top 10 stolen items from our cars!
Thief inside the car
Top 10 stolen items from our cars!
Man breaking car window

What better way to ruin a good day than to find your car with a smashed windshield. Unfortunately, it happens more frequently and many of us has been a victim. But what kind of things is taken away by the thieves?

Her is top 10.

Prerequisite: a car burglary is often unavoidable and is a matter of bad luck: in more than a third of cases, nothing is stolen. If you are stupid enough to let valuables in the sight, then of course it depends on you to change that (for the positive thinkers among you, this board illustrates nicely that you can no longer be naive).

Diamonds Toko Autoglass did a survey of 624 drivers, which included most of the cars that came with the cracked windshield. By far the most popular for thieves's greed is a good navigation system, with a score of more than 30%. Lease drivers with a built-in system are the most affected and among them VAG drivers have excellent scoring.

Despite the ease of the possibilities, 14.2% of the victims do not report, they do it usually via the Internet. Any idea how many cars are broken each year? Take it a gamble? No less than 90,000 pieces ...

The entire top 10 is as follows:

1. Navigation system (installation 12.4% and portable 18.4%) 30.8%
2. Handbag / briefcase 11.5%
3. (Sun) glasses 9.8%
4. Laptop 7.3%
5. Radio 5.8%
6. Cash or credit card 5.6%
7. Clothing 5.1%
8. Carpapers 3.8%
9. Mobile phone 3.6%
10. CDs 3.2%

Have thieves ever cleaned out your car? Or was it futile and you only need to replace a car window?


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Top 10 stolen items from our cars!
Top 10 stolen items from our cars!

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