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Poll: How many gears are too much?

Poll: How many gears are too much?
BMW 7 speed manual gearbox
Poll: How many gears are too much?
BMW Patent 7 speed manual Gearbox

Around here, in Europe, horsepower war is running at "low heat" but the the number of gearbox's speeds is just at the beginning...  

Theoretically, that war can last forever, at least on automatic transmissions. Currently, Mercedes offers a seven-step mechanism while BMW, Audi, Lexus and ... Hyundai one with eight.

Well, recently, the Stuttgart manufacturer has made it clear that it wants a new 9 speeds automatic, while Koreans are ready to stake up to ten!

Beyond the efforts taken to reduce consumption and emission, it is clear that, at some point in all this business marketing guys put the tail. You can say that I can have something with them. And you're right: in most cases, environmental benefits are too small to justify investment in transmission so sophisticated, as such, I can bet that arguments to produce a box with "hundred" speeds was stated by that kind of experts.

However, this article is not about "automatic" but about the "manual". What, simply, is about to reach a new share of the absurd.

Be honest: like us, you consider that 6 manual speeds are enough. Even it was a rumor at one point, referring to the fact that automakers produce them deliberately low to make you opt for the automatic, because they have invested significant amount.

But now it seems that the unjustified pride from Porsche - of course, referring to the seven-speed manual transmission installed on 911 991 - tends to spark a conflagration that will make our fingers hot.

In case you have not caught the idea, another producer is about to launch a "manual" with seven steps. Its name is BMW, and the schematics for future transmissions already appeared on the vast area called the Internet (you can see it here). BMW talks about the possibility of endowing the "plant" with a magnetorheological or electroreologic system, in which a liquid sensitive to magnetic field ( so sensitive to the electric current) will prevent, by the change of viscosity, selecting a wrong step.

To us, that thing let us cool as a polar night. From personal point of view, automated systems that manage the engine force can have 200 steps, in contrast, the manual should stay with a maximum of six. Not invoke technical reasons - are convinced that the Germans can create a very precise and intuitive gearbox - but some related to common sense.

No matter where they were mounted, on high performance models or family car, six-speed manual transmissions were something special and at this has contributed the pleasure to act according to the exact number of steps.

Really, don't make us truck drivers just because some individuals who have nothing to do with passion, but with the commercialism, found a new dimension to the phrase "to be on top".

If we want to boast, we will fondle the shift paddles behind the wheel...


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    Poll: How many gears are too much?
    Poll: How many gears are too much?

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