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Autumn/winter auto collection at IAA Frankfurt Motor Show. For cars on the catwalk "The Day" is tomorrow!

Autumn/winter auto collection at IAA Frankfurt Motor Show. For cars on the catwalk \
Iaa frankfurt motor show 2011 logo
Autumn/winter auto collection at IAA Frankfurt Motor Show. For cars on the catwalk \
Iaa frankfurt motor show inside view
Autumn/winter auto collection at IAA Frankfurt Motor Show. For cars on the catwalk \
Iaa frankfurt motor show outside view

About 2011 IAA (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung) Frankfurt Motor Show

IAA Frankfurt Motor Show - Event Schedule

Press/media days (accreditation required)
Tuesday 13 September and Wednesday 14 September

Trade days (no accreditation required):
Thursday 15 September and Friday 16 September 2011

Public days:
Saturday 17 September - Sunday 25 September 2011

Opening times:
09.00 - 19.00

Event place
Exhibition Centre, Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, 60327 Frankfurt am Main
Event site:

Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) is one of the most important events in auto world with a history of 64 events. IAA history is strongly related with the vehicle history because the first IAA event was organized in 1897, when cars were presented as "motor car" and, over the years, here were presented most of the world premieres. For a better understanding of this special event we will present to you the statistics and the numbers for the IAA 2010 but also the IAA history.

Exhibitors IAA Cars 2010

At the IAA 2010 781 exhibitors from 30 countries were present. A total of 206 world premieres were presented at the ILO, including 100 from the vehicle manufacturers. About the new products and further highlights 13 261 journalists from 96 countries reported. For the IAA 2011 approximately 900 exhibitors are expected.

Visitors IAA Cars 2010

In 2010, the ILO has been at around 845 000 visitors in a very difficult environment for the public. A third (33%) of visitors was represented by trade visitors, of which twelve percent arrived from abroad. For the 64th IAA Motor Show in 2011, the number of visitors expected to be higher.

IAA History

The International Motor Show in Germany - their spark, their milestones.

First IAA takes place in Berlin's Hotel Bristol. Exactly eight "motor car" will be presented to the public.
The IAA in Germany became a fixed institution. By 1911 almost all Frankfurt Motor Show is held every year, mostly in Berlin, in 1905, 1906 and 1907 there were two. The automobile has become socially accepted. Production was on an industrial scale.
First IAA after the First World War takes place in Berlin. It is the 14th IAA since the counting began. 67 automobile manufacturers showed 90 car and 49 truck models. This IAA is the theme of comfort.
Despite the still perceptible impact of global recession, the 22nd IAA took place in Berlin. 295,000 visitors were counted. For the first time, front-wheel drive vehicles are presented.
In Berlin, the last IAA held before the Second World War. This, the 29th IAA reached a record attendance of 825,000 visitors. For the first time the new "Volkswagen" was presented. The "strength through joy car" will write later as the "Beetle" car history.
The German automobile and accessory manufacturers are participating in the export trade fair in Hanover. The Hall of the automotive industry becomes too small regarding the visitors number.
For the first time ever, an automobile exhibition takes place in the halls of Frankfurt. The big event in April attracted 570,000 visitors. The exhibits included the first truck with a turbo-diesel engine. Six months later, in September, another car show in Berlin attracted 290,000 visitors. With this 35th IAA German automotive industry says goodbye to its traditional exhibition space and pulls completely to Frankfurt am Main. From now, the IAA took place in a two-year cycle.
The car celebrates its 70th Birthday. Vehicle production in the Federal Republic for the first time exceeds the one million mark. Around 302,000 people are employed in the automotive industry. In the world production, the German car manufacturers produced cars only for USA. Cars "made in USA" was the export hit: Almost every other vehicle built in Germany will be sold abroad.
The 40th IAA Frankfurt trade fair grounds are on the 950,000 visitors - a new IAA record. The breakthrough to mass motorization is done. The motto is the safety presentations, namely the protection of occupants. One of the stars of the show is the seat belt.
For the first time a Japanese company presented its cars at the IAA.
The 44th IAA is under the heading "delivery dates" The economic slump of 1967 is over, the German automotive industry is experiencing a "second spring".
The German car manufacturers were on a new production record. For the first time more than 4 million motor vehicles were built. The IAA is emblematic for the increasing confidence of the German automotive industry.
"Energy saving" is the focus of the 49th IAA. New models were among the most common aspects of economy and low fuel consumption. The IAA was also seen as a signal for a "limited economic upturn."
The last IAA with cars and commercial vehicles makes it clear that the fairground in Frankfurt for this major event has become too small: nearly 2,000 exhibitors squeezed onto an exhibition space of 252,000 square meters. More than 1.2 million visitors are counted. Due to high demand, the needs of exhibitors by a corresponding footprint will not be considered complete. Therefore, the VDA decided to hold two IAA.
Since 1991, the IAA has two parts: In odd years the IAA passenger cars in Frankfurt, in even years the IAA Commercial Vehicles Show in Hanover. The first "pure" IAA Passenger Cars in 1991 is a success: 1,271 exhibitors from 43 countries displayed their latest products and innovations on an exhibition area of 200,000 square meters. With more than 935,000 visitors to the IAA passenger cars is very well attended.
First IAA Commercial Vehicles Show in Hanover showed 1,284 exhibitors from 29 countries. The exhibition area covers 252,000 square meters. Some 287,000 people visit the IAA, the number of visitors is 66 percent. The two split the VDA has proven to be successful.
The final IAA of the millennium under the theme "Auto: Meeting the future". Manufacturers and suppliers wanted to show how they have prepared themselves with future-oriented solutions to the challenges of the new millennium. The innovations under the hood make it clear that the automotive industry is serious regarding the environmental protection. Developments in drive systems and engines led to the fact that the cars are cheaper and cleaner.
The 58th IAA is due to the EXPO 2000 held at the Hannover Exhibition Grounds, in Frankfurt. For the third consecutive year, the number of exhibitors grows and this time there were 1,318 companies from 42 countries. The proportion of visitors is still high at 84 percent.
The terrorist attack on 11 September at the World Trade Center in New York, the IAA in Frankfurt overshadowed. The exhibition will take place anyway, but is in solidarity with the victims and their dependents, all parts of the show and loud music as well as the official opening ceremony with the Chancellor. VDA President Gottschalk explains this decision: "Because it may not mean that we allow ourselves to take the terrorist forces of freedom of action. And because we have the responsibility as a key international industry, not a halt to allow "The public response confirmed clearly that the decision of the VDA is true: More than 800,000 people visit the" quiet IAA ".
The 59th IAA surpasses all expectations, despite difficult market situation. Around 237,000 visitors from 84 countries show how attractive was this IAA. The proportion of professional visitors is over 90 percent. Despite difficult economic situation, seven out of ten visitors at the preparation of investment decisions, or even contracts as the reason for their visit. The change in sentiment in the commercial vehicle industry is thus initiated.
The 60th IAA Motor Show ends with a record attendance. Around one million car fans will be counted in Frankfurt. That makes this the most visited IAA since 1991, the year of the first independent car-IAA, which was still fully committed to the reunification boom. 23 percent more than 2001 visitors are interested in the products that present the some 1,000 exhibitors from 42 countries on a total of 215,000 square meters.
The 60th IAA Commercial Vehicles Show in Hanover again underlines its leading position among the world's transportation fairs. Under the theme "Mobile Future" is a record number of new vehicles and innovations its importance as an engine for the entire industry to the test: The exhibitors present only 194 world premieres - a quarter more than in 2002 - and next to 61 European and 54 new in Germany. With a total of 1,370 exhibitors from nearly every continent, a new record is reached. The IAA has finally evolved from a pure product show for fully integrated across the entire value chain ranging exhibition of mobility, transport and logistics.
The 61st IAA passenger cars is the best ever in terms of quality IAA with a strong focus on future solutions such as hybrid, hydrogen, flex-fuel or SCR technology for NOx/CO2 reduction. Also measured at the surface, the trade visitor and exhibitor figures she deserves the predicate "very good". With around 940 000 visitors, it is the second best IAA, and if it had not been the election and open Sunday in downtown Frankfurt, probably would have broken the record.
The 61st IAA Commercial Vehicles IAA presents itself as a superlative. It sets new records in all key criteria. 253 world premieres for more innovation than ever before. In particular the progress in environmental and safety coin a new image of the sector. 1556 satisfied exhibitors from 46 countries to draw a positive balance: more business, more orders than ever. For the first time set national focal points are available for the growing internationalization of the commercial vehicle business. This new quality attracts the 61st IAA to 265,500 visitors, more than any IAA commercial vehicle before.
The 62nd IAA is one of the most successful IAAs in history. With nearly 1 million visitors from 125 countries, the IAA has even exceeded the very good result for 2005. This IAA was political and international than any other before. Climate change, fuel efficiency and CO reducing were the political topics. 42 percent of the 1,081 exhibitors came from abroad.
The 62nd IAA is the most successful commercial vehicle trade fair. It has put in all those disciplines new standards, become more important as the world's leading trade fair for mobility, transport and logistics position than ever and expanded its lead. The number of visitors grows by 12 percent over 2006 to almost 300,000 from 110 countries. So this has surpassed all previous IAA Commercial Vehicles and set a new record. Companies from 48 countries presented their innovations, including 258 world premieres. Of the 2,084 exhibitors (up 34 percent), 1,188 came from abroad, which is 52 percent more than two years ago. It was necessary 275,000 sq m of exhibition area (plus 10 percent). This IAA has shown that the commercial vehicle industry is a leader in environmental technology. Here at the Frankfurt Motor Show was first seen on a broad front that opens up to the alternative commercial vehicle engines. It focused on the efforts for sustainable transport and thus also for the climate.
September 2009 in Frankfurt/Main.
The 63rd IAA Commercial Vehicles Show in Hannover will start with an unprecedented range of 272 world premieres.

“We invite you to inform yourself about the online world's largest automotive fair exhibitors and their opportunities. The planning work is already in full swing, so we are pleased to be able to soon not only in the online division of the ILO, but also welcome live as part of the IAA site.
Your Matthias Wissmann, President of the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA)”


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    Autumn/winter auto collection at IAA Frankfurt Motor Show. For cars on the catwalk \
    Autumn/winter auto collection at IAA Frankfurt Motor Show. For cars on the catwalk \
    Autumn/winter auto collection at IAA Frankfurt Motor Show. For cars on the catwalk \

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